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Carlos Correa 2013 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autograph #CC BGS 9.5/10.

We are selling 15 Spots at $14 each.

Free USPS First Class Shipping.

Carlos Correa 2013 Bowman Chrome Auto #CC

  • Once all the available spots have been sold we will announce a date and time via email and will air the giveaway live at The video will also be saved and uploaded to our YouTube page for those that could not make the live giveaway. To determine the winner, we will use the List Randomizer application on We will post the first name and last initial of the people who have purchased spots into the List Randomizer and will then randomize the list a minimum of 3 times. The prize will be awarded to the name on the top of the list. If there is more than one prize in the Razz, they will be awarded in the order generated by the List Randomizer. Please note that a Razzie is a chance drawing and not everyone that has purchased a spot will receive a prize.
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