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What is a Group Break?


A group break is an event where a group of people share a box or case of unopened  / sealed cards by dividing up the product in a pre determined method.  The draw / appeal of group box & case breaks is the chance to receive a big card, autograph, relic, etc. from your favorite player or team without having to pay full price  for a sealed box or case.


How do I join a break?


See the Live Breaks page of our website, our eBay page, or our private Facebook Group for a listing of all scheduled box and case breaks.


When does my break happen?


The date and time of the break will be listed in the description for the break on our Live Breaks page, on the eBay listing, or in the thread in our Facebook Group.


When do I get my cards?


Cards are sorted, sleeved, top loaded and shipped within 3-5 business days following the break.


What cards do I get?


You will receive every card in the break for your assigned team or division.  This includes all hits, autographs, base cards, and inserts. (unless otherwise noted in the item description or on the product page)


Where can I watch the break?


All box and case breaks will be done live on or YouTube.


I missed the live break, how can I watch it?


At the completion of each live break, a recording of the break will be uploaded to our YouTube page.

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