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All box and case breaks will be done live on or YouTube.  In addition a recording will be available on our YouTube page at the immediately following the completion of the live break.



Types of breaks offered:


Team / Division Breaks: This type of break is where you win, via an auction or purchase on our website, a specific team or division in a specified break.


Random Breaks: This type of break is where you purchase a spot in a specified break and your spot will be randomized to see which team / division you will be assigned.   Teams / divisions will be assigned using the randomizer application on



If you purchase a team or division in a break, or are assigned one in a random break, you will receive every card in the break for your assigned team or division.  This includes all hits, autographs, base cards and inserts.  (unless otherwise noted in the item description or on the product page)



Multi-Player card rules:


  • You must own greater than 50% of the card in order to win the card.

  • If it is a tie, the ownership will be determined at random via the roll of a six, eight or twelve sided die.  In order to avoid the random roll of the die, one participant must own the majority of the teams represented on the card.

  • If the item to be awarded requires more than 12 spots, the verified List Randomizer application on will be used to determine the winner.  You will receive the number of spots (not teams) in the randomizer matching the number of spots you own on the card.  EXAMPLE:  The card pulled pictures a Yankee, Cub, Brave, Brewer, Red, and Oriole.  Alex owns the Yankees and Cubs, Damian owns the Braves and Brewers, Jennifer owns the Reds, and Jaime owns the Orioles.  Alex will get 2 spots in the random, Damian 2 spots, Jennifer 1 and Jaime 1.  The Randomizer will be shuffled a minimum of 3 times and the one that ends up in the #1 spot will receive the card. 

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